Sakon Nakhon Songkran Foodfest,Northeast Thailand

Songkran takes place from the 13th through the 15th of april. Unlike Buddhist Festivals that are Lunar, the date of the festival that was originally set by astrological calculation,  is now fixed.  Whatever the case in Thailand it is the holiday when Thais from around the world, if possible return home, actually quite a bit like Tet in Vietnam. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has turned it into the worlds biggest waterfight and 7 days of road carnage in Thailand.
Whatever the case from the smallest villages to the cities all sorts of events are planned. Sakon Nakhon puts on a foodfest on the 12th, the day before the start of the festivities that opened at 1600h, just as the cooling shadows fell on the street.

The Government wonks were due to begin the ceremony at 1900h and then sit down in the VIP section , for the special treatment they so deserve.
Actually and most deservedly since they are right in front of the stage,they are right in front of blasting speakers a position that is quite uncomfortable, even vibrating when speeches are being made and when music blasts.
I got there early to sample the wares and get back home for an adult beverage. All these government sponsored events are No Smoking, No Alcohol events. Once again the local lack of originalit was on display as it was the same pork, fish and chicken that you see at ever food fair in Northeast Thailand. But here is a look around…

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