Public Safety and Road Safety in Thailand,

Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance is a concept who’s time has not yet arrived in Thailand. In this instance Hua Hin, but I have seen examples throughout Isaan, Northeast Thailand through the years.
In Nong Khai a traffic light was installed and in the first day there were 3 accidents to include 1 fatality. In Khon Kaen a plan to ease traffic by initiating a few 1 way streets was axed after one day and millions spent.
Generally the pubic is not informed in a timely fashion, if at all. Signage is not properly posted and the police do not know how to direct traffic….

I could always tell when the police were out to direct (misdirect in practice) traffic as snarl-ups were increased logrythmically. Intersections become toTatlly gridlocked and the white gloved dunce in brown continues to blow his whistle and wave his hand.

Instead of showing timely public service announcements government offices continue to show soap operas.

One commentor states the Millions of Dollars that were wasted and moe than likely lined pockets. And one day to implement the system certainly is not sufficient.

Once again just another example of the lack of interest the Thai government shows in serving the citizens of the kingdom.

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  1. You should have said this long time ago.I cannot agree more with all what you have said.What I would like to add here is to ask the caretaker to reform Thailand Now.

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