Phu Phan Museum, Sakon Nakhon Thailand

The Museum on the bank of Nong Han (Han Lake) is a recent addition to the learning centers and tourist sights in Sakon Nakhon town. It has been opene a few months and had it’s official opening ceremony as short time ago.Don’t forget to click on the title to read the rest of the post and to see the video. It is a series of small buildings housing different Zones that house different aspects of the history, cultural  religion and societies in the region.

There is a huge coffee shop and meeting room to the left as you enter and a number of staff waiting to take you on the tour which begins with a nine minute explanatory and propaganda video.  The video will be one of the last things in English you will see or hear throughout the museum.

First of all it might have been useful to employ a narrator who could pronounce the name of the province correctly or at least teach him to pronounce it correctly. He talks about watching the sun set over Nong Han, which would be quite difficult for the majority on the people of Sakon Nakhon who like near the southwest corner of the lake. I suggest watching the sunrise over the lake. Not to mention Dong Han island is also quite an omission in the story of Nong Han. There also seems to be an emphasis placed on sufficiency economy, one of the King’s projects. I have heard of one or two sufficient economy villages in Isaan, but have yet to find one.
The museum itself is a bit of a letdown. For something built so recently and with the emphasis on English and the imminent arrival of the Asian Economic Community at the end of 2015  there basically is no English. There is no  specific linkage to places in the province. How to get to the paces, the caves and other craft villages.
All and all it is worth a visit and an hour or more of your time. The museum if you are not familiar with the area point out some tourists sites that may be of interest. The unmentioned but unmissable sculpture garden is worth a look at the muay Thai poses.


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