Pho Queen, Vietnamese Restaurant, Clearwater, Florida, Revisit

pqyou can look at my first impression of the Pho Queen, Clearwater , their menu is there as well. Just follow the link.
I ordered the Bun Bo Hue, a bowl I have been revisiting at a number of Vietnemese places down in Pinellas Park, and area where the are bunches of Vietnemese folk to fill those establishments. Plenty of Thais and Laos also prefer the Vietnamese food to the stuff sold in the pseudo Thai places.

As you might see in the photo these is no fatty bone, nor is there any, what I call blood jello. The broth lacked the flavor that all the other places I visit. Bun Bo Hue broth not very spicy, but should be (sorry I really can’t think of the words) but it should be flavorful. It isn’t the same eveywhere, but there are more similarities than differences. This did not make the grade.

When I asked about the missing ingredients I was told Bun Bo Hue was not served with them in America. I corrected the waiter and showed hem a picture of the bowls from other local restaurants. That aside the service is the only superior thing at this restaurant. And once again the Banh Mi was fine.

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