Mukdahan, Thailand a Musical Twitcast

All in all the 2 days in Mukdahan were the best way we could have chosen to finish 2013 The Huanam hotel, perhaps a bit old, but certainly comfortable friendly and efficient with a fine wifi connection One lunch at Krua Vietnam, which was full, but friendly and efficient Lunch at Ku Faet 1, was almost a bust as the sister was there to lazy to wait on customers, but was soon relieved by patriarch who got thing rolling and a fine meal was had. Strangely enough while Krua Vietnam spent the weekend crowds, Ku Faet was nearly empty, seems word is out about the service.
The evening festivities along the Mekhong were well attended in spite of the gale force winds and dropping temperatures …

The music was great, unfortunately there were no 2000h fireworks for families, so it was back to the room and asleep well before midnight

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