More visit Isaan, Khon Kaen and The Lonely Planet

More visit Isaan, Khon Kaen and The Lonely Planet stuff 16.06.11

okay back to “Things to do in Khon Kaen” by The Lonely Planet Guide They mention Wat That, Khon Kaen City Museum, Wat Jeen Beung Kaen Nakhon, , Wat Po Ban Nontan, Mhesak, Spirit House and Mahathat…Continue reading

Education in Thailand. What Education in Thailand

Just when I was gettinc comfortable posting stories about The Chakri Kings of Thailand and the Initiatives they initiated, Visiting the Phu Phan Royal Development Study Center and other interesting…Continue reading

wat sanuanwaree patanaram, Ban Hua Long, Ban Phai, Khon Kaen, video 23.01.12, วัดสนวนวารีพัฒนาราม

wat sanuanwaree patanaram aka wat suan waree, ??????????????????? and if you look at the thai, it seems it should be wat sohn wohn waa ree phat naa raam. Whatever the case this was one of the temples…Continue reading

One Tambon One Product,OTOP,Art and Culture in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

The One Tambon One Product,OTOP concept which originated in Japan was introduced to Thailand by ex Prime minister, fugitive, convicted felon Thaksin Shinawatra in early 2000. The program is designed…Continue reading

Sakon Nakhon, Post Office, Thailand, my 1st visit

Walked in for the first time to see a fully staffed facility, with about 40 people waiting to be served. Now I did say fully staffed, as there were bunches of government workers on hand, but only 1…Continue reading

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