More About Food at Big C, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

ThumbnailI would never have thought that my post about MK Restaurant would have raised the comments that it did, especially on Twitter. And, for sure I never knew that there was a MK song. Opinions are just that and we all have at least one and I am glad we all do not like the same thing. Do not forget to click on the title to read the entire post

When it comes to food in Northeast Thailand we are spoiled for choice and another choice we have foodwise are the food courts that are found at places like Makro, Tesco and Big C. These places are in air conditioned buildings, clean and provide pleanty of choice. You have to purchase a ticket, nowadays usually good for a month, to present at the food stall, as they do not accept money. It is do it yourself,but you see what you are buying and can sort of graze to you hearts content, choosing from rice or noodle dishes and some places even have Vietnamese choies and waffles.
There generally is a beverage station the has juices and soft beverages as well as drinking water. For me, when I have to shop at one of these malls I find the Food Court a healthy, clean, value for money alternative to the likes of KFC or MK


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