Mahasarakham, Chii River and Post 2011 Flood Road Repair in Northeast Thailand

Back during the floods of 2011 I followed the flloding along the Pong and Chii Rivers extensively. Damage to homes, crops  and infrastructur has been generally ignored. Reports of compensation promised and never received are still circulated. The government promised millions of baht to repair the damage. I have all sorts of claims about compensation made and projects paid for in flooded areas. Since 2011 I have driven thousands of kilometers around the region, part of those kilometers along roads I drove during the floods. In all this time I have seen one project initiated relative to the floods. That project was raising a road elevation, in an area wher the road acts as a dam to prevent flooding in low lying areas along the River.  Corruption is a fact we read about daily in Thailand so being surprised by the condition of the roads is a fools errand so take a look at a short….

part of a drive along a section of the Chii River in Mahasarakham and the unmarked dangers …

And a look back to 2011

As you will learn if you spend any time in Thaailand no one is held responsible for anything. Some entity is ceratainl responsible for road maintenance or marking holes in the road such as this, but try to make an insurance claim and see what happens…

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One Response to “Mahasarakham, Chii River and Post 2011 Flood Road Repair in Northeast Thailand”

  1. I do not think it is a road. It must be a dyke.

    As far as an organization charts say highways with a garuda and a single ,or two ,or three or four digit numbers are under highway department.

    For example, highway # 213 from Mahasarakam to Sakhon Nakhon is under the department.
    Others with a diva and different number together with two letters indicating a province are under rural road department of the Ministry of Transport.

    The one under our consideration now must be a dyke along Chii river. It is not under the Minister of Transport. It must be under the responsibility of the Irrigation Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation.

    There was a case in Nongkhai. In the province the improvement and maintenance of the road alongside Mekhong river from the City to Thabo district used to be very difficult. The fact that it was a dyke it was not under Highway Department with the result that there was difficulty in funding.

    Under a certain governments the Ministry of Transport is more powerful than the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation.
    That happened many decades ago, but you have already known the rest of the story.

    Next time I go to Mahasarakam I will try this road.

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