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Finding what and where you are looking for in Northeast Thailand can be no easy feat. When researching places of interest whether Buddhist Manasteries, towns, Khmer sites or whatever I search through Tourism Authority of Thailand, Travel Bloggers, Maps and any other sources available. What I have discovered over the years more often than not existing data is correct. I know that SEO is very important to travels bloggers, unfortunately accuracy is not. And the Tourism Authority of Thailand has moved golf courses and other sites kilometers from the actual location. My maps might be a bit cluttered, but they are accurate. They all are works in progress and will reamin so until I am ashes in the ground…

The only 2 places I am aware of that post accurate maps of the area are Hans at Sakon Nakhon Live and Mike at Thai Report. I am still working on ways to update the Isaan Maps so they are more friendly with the new Google Mapos, but even if you are using a normal GPS apparatus as opposed to a smart phone the maps should be of use.

I will be explaining more about the maps but for starters here is the Sakon Nakhon Provincial Map. It has the best listing of Wats associated with Ajahn Mun and other Forest Wats available.

If the map does not appear below click Here


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  1. Granis59 says:


    Staying in Chumpae. According to your golfmap there should be a golf course there.

    Tried to google the name RTA GC in Chumpae but didnt find anything.

    Do you have any more info on that corse……

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