Illegal Video from the Sirindhorn Dinosaurium, Kalasin, Thailand

I finally decided to break down and pay “foreigner” prices to visit the Sirindhorn Dinosaurium in Sahatsakhan. As we arrived early a stop at the original site museum seemed a good idea. I was rather surprised to see that there is now a 100 “foreigner”  charge, but was told it included both museums, so fine and dandy. When I went to pay I recognized the employee and we got to chatting. He has been there 12 years and we know a number of people in common. When I showed him my Thai driving license he said that of course I enter at Thai prices. At least a person could see that there is dual pricing and that it gets one into both sites. The dir or site museum is quite informative, but unfortunately little or no english. One way or the other since they have clearly posted the pricing I would accet it, while last visit they did not have any foreign price posted.

The Sirindhorn Dinosaurium is a state of the art facility that unfortunately is maintained to Thai Standards, which means a lot of things do not work, are broken, or unplugged. This is. sadly, common throughout the region. Nevertheless it is an educational, interesting site. There is plenty of English as far as the signage goes. It is always best to be there on a weekend or holiday as the chance of you being over-run by a herd of unruly school children. It is nice to see families and parents explaining an exhibit to their children.
Filming video in not a loud at the facility. So here you go…


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