Google, The Geezer, Android,and an IpadMini, Keyboards

keyboardAs already mentioned I picked up a refurbished IpadMini while in the States. The main purpose is to use with a Phantom 3, if I buy one when I get back to Thailand in a few weeks. Being a long time Android user I looked through the itunes store for anything better than the crappy stock ios keyboard. First thing I noticed was optional keyboards are a recent addition to the ios system. There are a few available, but nothing to do a dance over.

Android allows 100s of keyboard options, and finding them can, at times, be a bit problematic. YouTube is a good place to search, as well as the occasional Google search for the top android keyboards.
Another thing I have been noticing is the power I have to exert when using anything on the ipad. Where I can lightly tap anything on an Android screen, it tales a real poke to get the ipadmini to notice anything.

If anyone out there knows of a way to adjust the screen sensitivity on the IpadMini, please let me know

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