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A Visit to the Phu Phan Research Center in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

shellSo now that you have read the story of the Royal Initiative of the King,  just what is the place really like. The place is brilliant and if you are in Sakon Nakhon and do not take the time to…Continue reading

Isaan Village Exhibit at Mahasarakham University Thailand

I have posted about this exhibit some time back, but have discovered that the Tourism Authority of Thailand still chooses to ignore this any many other places of interest in Isaan, Northeast…Continue reading

Chonnabot, Silk, Khon Kaen Map, Thailand

This post has been updated September 2014 TAT advertises this place extensively in their written and video propaganda, but seem unable to place it in any obvious way anywhere. To be somewhat precise,…Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Food in Isaan, Northeast Thailand, Vietnamese Food Sort of

I have posted about Vietnamese food, the lack of it and where I have found it in some previous posts. As far as Vietnamese food is concerned the only authentic Vietnamese food I have found so far is…Continue reading

Google, Photosphere, Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand

You can Click Here to view my Photospheres. I had been looking at photosphere and the android app for Android 4.2. My Asus note[ad has 4.2, but no luck with photoshere. The oth day I found an APK…Continue reading

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