Google Maps, Camp Ruam Chit Chai. Sakon Nakhon,Thailand,809th Engineer Battalion

Some time ago Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement and I got into contact with the guys of the 809th Engineer Battalion that were stationed at Camp Ruam Chit Chai during the Vietnam War. It is only a few miles away from my base in Sakon Nakon, so visiting is no major chore. One of the guys recently posted aa plan of the camp in excel, trying to remember what was there so I popped back out. One of the people at the camp was telling me what some of the buildings were used for back in the day. Having encountered Thai help many times to include a trip to Camp Khon Kaen, where we were taken on the tour only to later find out the guy did not have a clue what he was talking about and it wasn’t even the right location.
What I suggest the guys do is save my Google Map, and mark it up as they like, for their own use….

Road 213 lies generally from East to Weast with the Gate at the North end. The first intersection southe of the gate turn left tere are 3 buidings along that road that are said to have been there during  the war.. The Battalion Headquarters, right turn, may or may not be the original. Based on the excel worksheet HHC might have been the building directly behind it. Turning right at the first intersection then left the clinic is said to be on the right, and on the left corner may have been the Enlisted Mens Club. Anyway I think this is a much easier and accurate way to figure out what was where and when. An the swimming pool is a “for sure landmark. I hope this helpss the guys at the 809th and shows another useful use of Google Maps

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  2. Bob Daley says:

    I spent a lot of time in the MP bldg and was just up from the clinic which I think you have too far northeast. That may have been the mail room. You have the HQ bldg correct and the field northeast of that housed the flags. The field north of that was the helipad (just a clearing that looked about the same). It’s been a lot of years but I will try to find some of my old ppictures. How would I get them to you?


  3. Dano says:

    I was the Facilities Engineer at Camp Ruam Chit Chai from July 1970 until its closing in early 1971. I readied the camp for turnover to the Royal Thai Government. After all the personnel and equipment left I spent two weeks in a Sakon Nakhon hotel and visited each day to ensure everything was in place for the turnover. I was the last US military person to leave the camp I locked the gate. I have a small blueprint of the camp with its last known configuration that I will post. That should clear up a lot of questions as to what was where.

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