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goicuon-nemFor the readers in Thailand this might be a bit confusing as there are 1,000s of Nem Nuong Restaurants that serve a bare bones edition of this recipe, and consume it, other than swallowing, in a way much different than at Vietnamese restaurants. Nem Nuong in Vietnamese means minced grilled pork. In Thailand a type of that is found, but when you watch the videos at the end of the post you will see that it is a much more flavorfull recipe than I have experienced n Thai places.
The photo on the left shows nem nuong in Goi Cuon, or what in Thai would be called Pau Pia Sot, fresh spring roll. The Vietnamese style is much bigger that the Thai cousin, the paper being about twice the diameter about twice the size

Picture to the right is Bun (rce vermicelli noodles. Nem Nuong. This is not a soup, but another  way to serve Nem nemnuongNuong. It seems that as an appetizer, Goi Cuon Nem Nuong is one of a number of types, Tom being shrimp, thit being pork, there is also  tom nuong and thit nuong. I have already posted a number of Vietnames menus and spoken about Vietnamese food at length. There are many vietnames Restaurants in Isaan, but few if any serve authentic Vietnames food, much like the Thai Restaurants in America.

I have been amazed by the number of Thais and Laos that I see in the Vietnamese places and have learned that there are few if any authetic Thai or Lao places for them to go.

if the videos do not appear below Click Here or Here. there are 2 different videos



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