Drought in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

Watching local cable news in Sakon Nakhon last night saw a story about another village that has been without water getting a tanker full. Just as in the flooding of 2011 the government of Thailand misses no opportunity to use the victims of the government incompetence  for propaganda purposes. You would almost think the government workers actually used their own money to present the grateful villages water.
In the past week I have also discovered that a fair number of villages in the Sakon Nakhon area did not celebrate Songkran as they were out of water. Of course I am sure you are seeing regular reports on the situation, and answers from government spokesmen as to why the reservoirs are holding no water. Not to worry just like the floods no one is ever responsible…….

The governments propagandists, at Thailand’s Nearly English Language Dailies, did make us aware that the Government was on top of the situation Revellers warned not to waste water during festival, but unfortunatly beside being generally illiterate most Thais cannot read english. The Provincial Waterworks Authority has warned Songkran revellers not to waste water during the festival for fear of a water shortage. I assume they disseminated the information telepathically.
I wonder what would of happened if the Government would have done the morally correct thing and banned waterfights throughout the region?
And did localities do anything to support the victims of the drought? Of course they did , they set up power sprayers like the one you see in the video. At some locations in Sakon Nakhon spewing high pressure wate about 20 times the volume you see here.

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