Dhammapada v. 58–59 and even Ajahn Chah had Wardrobe Malfunctions

ajahn chah More from Ajahn munindo”s dhammapada reflections annd in episode 19 of the Ajahn Chah biography Ajahn Jayasaro tells us about some robe problems or in modern terms wardrobe malfunctions.

Just as a sweet scented and beautiful lotus
can grow from a pile of discarded waste,
the radiance of a true disciple of the Buddha
outshines dark shadows cast by ignorance.

The filters of our preferences tragically limit our
seeing. We want to let go of that which binds us but
often our will fails us. Wise reflection can support
will – it is will’s best friend. Will is not meant to do
it alone. The verse encourages us to reflect on how
letting go of our attachment to a lesser happiness
can lead to gaining a greater happiness. Lost in
our attachments, we see only that which we stand
to lose by letting go. Wise thinking means we see
what we stand to lose as well as what we stand
to gain. Wise reflection opens and broadens our
vision and enables pursuit of the goal.

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