Dhammapada, Ajahn Sumedho, Jayasaro and Luang Por Chah

More Dhammapada and Ajahn Chah Meets Luang Por Kinnari

Ajahn Sumedho And Ajahn Jayasaro gives us a look at Ajahn Chah as a student along his path as a young monk. Our teachers had…Continue reading

Buddhism Dhammapada and Ajahn Chah Biography Moment

Live your life well in accord with the Way – avoid a life of distraction. A life well-lived leads to contentment, both now and in the future. V. 169 With a heart of contentment as our foundation,…Continue reading

Dhammapada v. 58–59 and even Ajahn Chah had Wardrobe Malfunctions

 More from Ajahn munindo”s dhammapada reflections annd in episode 19 of the Ajahn Chah biography Ajahn Jayasaro tells us about some robe problems or in modern terms wardrobe malfunctions. Just as…Continue reading

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