Dam, the Thai Government cannot Count either, Khon Kaen, Thailand

The first thing I noticed in the Thailands Nearly English Language Daily, The Bangkok Post  New storm approaching, more heavy rain was Deputy provincial governor Songpol Champaphan statement saying The Ubonrat dam currently holds 1.09 billion cubic metres of water, or about 60% of its capacity. I assume he is talking about the reservoir, not the dam, as the dam is composed of 4 gates and they pass not hold water.Well somebody is wrong since Summary of water in large reservoirs of the country on 29 September 2556. the reservoir has a capacity of 2,431 million m 3 and is holding 1.446 million m 3 which in fact is nearly 60%. 1.09 billion cubic metres is half the capacity. So the depgov really does not know the facts. He also states that About 27 million cubic metres of water are coming into the dam each day and this volume is higher than the safety level. well I did some coversions, and if I have had a senior moment and there is an error here please let me know. Also I went to University in the West when we were using slide rules so I think in Gallons and acres, but

27 million cubic metres=27 billion liters = 6.75 billion gallons divide 300, 000 gallons per acre 1 foot deep= 2.25million acres 1 foot deep * 4.4 rai per acre =10 million square rai 1 foot deep dive 6255 rai/ square kilometer= 16,600 square kilometers 1 foot deep per day flowing into ubol rattana reservoir or 30.4 centimeters *16,600 square kilometers per day, which is bullshit,This would work out to every square mter of land in Nong Bua Lam Phu Provice being cover in about 15 cm of water. And they say they are releasing a quarter of this amout daily into the Pong River. A I have travelled around that reservoir many times I cannot see how thet come up with these inflow numbers, where are the wiers to measure the flow? The government like to use big numbers to impress, but when looked at from another angle, they are simply rediculous.What has the rainfall been in the catchment area. What the government contends is there is enough water, DAILY, to cover the entire Province of Nong Bua Lam Phu with nearly  cm of waterIs the Thai Government screwing the pooch again? I doubt we will ever know the REAL truth.Maybe it is the government programs that are causing the floods? Flood spending under fire  might mostly disappearunder the Thailands Nearly English Language Daily, Bangkok Post SOP but it can be found at Learning > Learning From News. Alleged irregularities? Are you surprised? Rest assured the government is well aware that it is business as usual and money is meant for pockets now potholes or flood protection

Here is a look at the job the Thai Government did back in 2011

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