Chaiyaphum Lodging and the Siam River Resort in Chaiyaphum Town, Thailand

First nights lodging was at Chulabhorn Reservoir at EGATs digs As at most reservoirs I found it a bit over priced, but no one is building nearby. When they started building resorts near the Ubol Rattana Reservoir it made a huge improvement to the lodging situation. The restaurant was the big plus. Service was good prices fair and the staff polite. It was even open before the official opening time. While there was wifi at the restaurant, even 3G was impossible at the lodging. The second night in Phakdee Chumphon, in just outside the district town Basic but 3G signal available and a good dinner a short walk down the road A restaurant owned by a lovely couple she from the area, he “Not Isaan People” from Korat.The night of the 14th we spent in Chaiyaphum town at the Siam River Resort for a princely 990 Baht. This included wifi and breakfast First of all the room had a real shortage of electric outlets The wifi was not the userid/pswd type, but once attached you went to a webpage where you inserted the info…

and were restricted to 1 device They must have already gotten complaints as the gave Larry and I 2 IDs for 2 devices For that money I expect twice what I would get in a 500 Baht place. In room hot water and coffee and or tea. And some day in Thailand they will learn to put a light over the mirror so you can see yourself when you shave. Breakfast was scheduled to be served from 0630, but was not fully ready till 0700. The usual cold eggs and wieies and Thai food. No sterno under the undercooked eggs. Thimbles for coffee cups. This is one of those places to visit if you want to meet rude Thais who can park in No Parking areas and go the wrong way down the driveways. I hope the open sewer running across the lane leading to the Convention Center is the the Siam River. Beats me where they got the name. There are plenty of better priced resorts and apartments in town but many of the roads were closed due to the festical so there Larry, KhonKaen Retirement and I stayed. At the end of the daythe rates is really not unreasonable for someone unfamiliar with the area, but you will not get a taste of the region at places like that. The net night we roughed it, for 250 Baht, near Mo Hin Khao and Tat Ton National Park with great wifi and a mighty fine Kai Mun for dinner Then off to Chumpae town in Khon Kaen for our last night on the road

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