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Google and The Geezer, an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand, HooToo

hootooSadly I forgot my HT-TM05 TripMate Versatile Wireless N Travel Router  on my trip to That Phanom, with it I might have worked my way around the Riverview hotel internet connection challenge. I picked this one up from Amazon for under $US 60.00 and it is worth every Satang of it. The 10,400mAh charger alone is worth that money.
The Bridge mode not only provides added security, but also does away with the need to keep logging on to hotel wifi systems. The Android app makes it a no brainer to use, and I am sure the IOS app is just as good. I had try other brands and none have been as easy to use as this one.

From Tom’s Desk, Back In Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

panicI’m back and bloviating from Isaan. Namely Sakon Nakhon in Northeast Thailand. A bit about using the new DJI Phantom 3. And a bot about my views and opinions about the state of people, places and things here in the region



From Tom’s Deck, Au Revoir America, Aloha Thailand

IMG_20150903_072019Depart Tuesday the 8th of September, arriving Bangkok 0′ Dark thirty the wee morning hours of the 10th, it is back to Isaan on the 12th.
The last week has been more than hectic thanks to the “goo” folks at Veterans Affairs.

But enough for now you can hear me bloviate below the fold….


Buddhism, The Triple Gem, The Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha

The other day I saw and article by way of Google+ from Tricycle magazine titled Commercial Dhamma. Okay I am often amazed, for as far as I know there is only one true Dhamma.Read the article and make sure to read the comments as well. Maybe a BeBop Buddha and a Saucy Sangha, might be coming soon.

What are the Three Refuges?
A refuge is a place where people go when they are distressed or when they need safety and security. There are many types of refuges. When people are unhappy, they take refuge with their friends, when they are worried and frightened, they may take refuge in false hopes and beliefs. As they approach death, they might take refuge in the belief in an eternal heaven. But, as the Buddha says, none of these are true refuges because they do not give comfort and security based on reality.


Google, The Geezer, Android,and an IpadMini, Keyboards

keyboardAs already mentioned I picked up a refurbished IpadMini while in the States. The main purpose is to use with a Phantom 3, if I buy one when I get back to Thailand in a few weeks. Being a long time Android user I looked through the itunes store for anything better than the crappy stock ios keyboard. First thing I noticed was optional keyboards are a recent addition to the ios system. There are a few available, but nothing to do a dance over.


From Tom’s Desk, 17 July 2015

panicIf all goes according to plan I will arrive in the wee hours of the morining of 10 September in Bangkok, Thailand.

Wrapping stuff up, VA, Social Security ad nauseum. As of today about 53 days to go.
Looking forward to seeing Thai friends.


From Tom’s Desk, Takoma Park, MD, 3 JULY 2015

wetAfter a 3 hour delay in Tampa I made it to a clod and wet Washington D.C.and on to Takoma Park, Maryland and the apartment of the good Sean and Liz. I will be posting more about the food I have devoured, the beer drank and the exhibits and memorials I have visited in the near future. And next week hope to catch up with the Bluegrass Guru, old friend Ed Henry.


From Tom’s Desk, 26 June 2015, A #WashingtonDC 4th of July, and more

ck birdsSo it’s  up to Washington for the 4th of July celebration. Hopefully out to thr big Lao celebration in Catlett, Virginia. And a stop at the Thai embassy to see if it is not too early to pick up my visa for my September return. A stop at the DC Vet center to get some info.

Then back to Clearwater to start wrapping things up


From Tom’s Desk, 19 June 2015, Update

guinnessIt’s time to try to start to wrap things up in the States and get ready to head back to Isaan. Veterans and Social Security Administrations hops to jump through. Setting up this that and the other things. Booking trains and planes. Sorting out contact ifo here and there.

Definitely hope to be back for the Mukdahan boat races, but hopefully well before. Winter along the Mekhong Rives, the Haads and Kengs…