Camp Khon Kaen And Nam Phong and Friendship Highway,Khon Kaen,Thailand

Since Larry already posted the story Camp Khon Kaen And Nam Phong and Joe was kind enough to pass on this reminder Nam Phong, a PDF from the Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood, a web site I have gotten a lot of information from over the years, so thanks for reminding me Joe. I will show you what the road is like from Khon Kaen to Camp Khon Kaen about 12 or so Kilometers out of town.
Also to the airstrip in Nam Phong you go North for 31 kilometers to Nam Phong, over the bridge and U-turn onto the road to the village of Nam Phong continue on enroute to Kranuan until you see the fate to the airbase on the right(from NamPhong Village it is about 10 Kilometers ti the airbase. I will be reposting my Khon Kaen and other maps soon. I had not had a chance to check out the airstrip before even though I know a few guys associated. PS ignore time date stamp was 2nd of May 2013

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