Buddhism, Patimokha, Asalha Puja, in Isaan, Thailand

Asalha Puja and the Patimokha in Northeast Thailand, Buddhism

Having been ordained earlier in the day the new Bhikkhus take part in their first recitation of the 227 rules a monk follow throughout his life as a monk. The recitation has to be word perfect, in…Continue reading

Candle Festivals, Parades, Buddhism, Asalha Puja,Ordinations, Pansaa in Northeast Thailand

As the Rains Retreat, or the Pansaa aproaches the Tourism Authority of Thailand advertises the big Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchatani, and you you have not experienced it, it is well worth the visit….Continue reading

The Patimokha, The 227 Rules for a Bhikkhu and Buddhism in Thailand

People ask why I use a picture of a monk at an ATM machine in some of my posts about Buddhism in Thailand. Some people tell me that it is alright for monks to have money in Thailand. continued here:…Continue reading

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