Au Revoir, Hasta Luego, Adios, But Not Good Bye, Tom Isaan, Northeast Thailand

After more than 18 years I have to take a break from life in Northeast Thailand and return to the United States for awhile. Beside taking care of my Veterans Administration things I hope to take the time to organize the 100s of map locations in my Google Maps as well as finding some way to put some order to the 1000s of blog posts about the places, events and people of Isaan. There is no way I can thank the people of Isaan who have been my family for nearly 20 years now.The gratitude for the teaching of Ajahn Mun, Chah, Maha Boowa and so  many others and o the Forest Monks that keep the teaching of the Buddha alive in a country that has not only lost interest, but uses Buddhism into a tool to dominate the people is impossible to explain.

I ain’t done yet

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