Ajahn Jayasaro,Buddhism in Thailand

Over the past year or so I have been posting the Ajahn Chah biography on YouTube. Having finished that series I will be posting some of Aahn Jayasaro’s talks. I first met him shortly after arriving in Thailand about 18 years ago. I have always appreciated his quiet, calm demeanor and the simple way he presented the Dhamma.

Ajahn Jayasaro (Shaun Chiverton)was born on the Isle of Wight in 1958. He  joined Ajahn Sumedho’s community for the Rains Retreat as an anagarika  (Pakhao) in 1978. In November of that year he left for Wat Pa Pong in
Northeast Thailand where he ordained as a novice in the following year, and  as a bhikkhu in 1980 with Venerable Ajahn Chah as his preceptor. From 1997  until 2002 Ajahn Jayasaro was the Abbot of Wat Pa Nanachat. He is now living alone in a hermitage at the foot of Kow Yai mountains. He is involved  in Education in Thailand as well as other projects.

With education in Thailand in the shitter  schools like the Thawsi School are providing an level of education that is not generally found in Thailand.

None of these talks last more than 10 minutes many 5 or less and here is episode 1

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