A few Looks at the Thepsuda Bridge,Sahatsakhan,Kalasin,Thailand

Thepsuda Bridge, Lam Pao Reservoir, Kalasin, Isaan 15.11.11

A few 100m from the dedication site HRH Princess Theparattana Rajasuda Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (somdet prathep) will preside over the opening ceremony of the Thepsuda bridge, which has been in use in…Continue reading

Lampao Reservoir, Kalasin, Thailand 15.08.12

Stopped at the south eand of the resevoir wher the dam and gates are located. There is no discharge into the river , but there is into the irrigation canals that are running full and fast. At the…Continue reading

Thepsuda bridge, Kalasin, Isaan, Mobile Sunset 06.10.11

Her is a bit of a change of pace. Go here to see the original: Thepsuda bridge, Kalasin, Isaan, Mobile Sunset 06.10.11…Continue reading

Dawn at Thepsuda Bridge 06.11.11

This is the longest Bridge in Thailand and until 3 months ago there was not a signpost to be found. More here: Dawn at Thepsuda Bridge 06.11.11…Continue reading

Thepsuda Bridge, Lam Pao Resevoir, nearing Road 15.09.11

I have visited the bridge and the rest of the area around Sahatsakhan and Kalasin quite often over the past few years snd have seen the water level rise and fall. You can see a set of photos taken on…Continue reading

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