Thailand, 60-year-old woman walk from Udon Thani to Bangkok with Down daughter

60-year-old woman walk from Udon Thani to Bangkok with Down daughter was the lead on this story that appeared in one of Thailand’s nearly English Newspapers, The Nation.
There is no byline to the story, so I guess the butchering of the English language can be attributed to The Nation in general.
Also the level of journalistic quality is common to Thailand’s nearly English Newspapers. Who, what, when, where, why, is somewhat lacking.
Speaking of the English language I am taking the opportunity to post my comments using TunestoTunes, which I plan on using with more regularity in the future.
Tou won’t have my spelling to mess with…

ก๋วยจั๊บ, boiled soup of Chinese noodles, kuay jap or guaiy jaep, Thai Food

jaebguaiy jaep is a popular breakfast in Isaan, Northeat Thailand. Like so many foods in Thailand the recipe varies from shop to shop and everyone has their favorite.

Joke and Khao Tom which are rice based are a couple of Thai favorites. Moo ping, Kao ngiaow faty BBQed pork and sticky rice is a dry popular breakfast and for the donut bunch Patango is graet to dunk in strong Vietnamese coffee.On a cold morning guaiy jaep has been my favorite for years….

Vietnamese Restaurants in the Tampa, Florida Area

After  nearly 20 years in Northeast Thailand the first think on my wish list on my return to the States was Viietnamese food. No trouble find a couple in the Washington DC area during a short visit to the Capital and here in the Tampa area things have been pretty okey dokey as well.
I have even included a Lao Restaurant, since I liked it. Up to Me.
Remember to beware of online  reviews as many are written by folks that don’t have a clue about what they are talking about.
Most of the places are in the Pinellas Park, Clearwater area–actually….

Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Education 4

In Buddhist education emphasis is put on the learning, practice and application of Buddhist principles, would this not be at the expense of academic excellence? Are Buddhist education and academic excellence mutually exclusive?
“If we look at the Pali word, the Buddhist word, for “goodness,” the word is kusala, and the etymology of that word is “intelligence.” So it’s built into the Buddhist view of life [and] of things that goodness is intelligent. Intelligence is good; goodness is intelligent. If you have someone who’s good and he’s unintelligent, it’s not goodness in the sense that we mean [it]. If you’re intelligent and it’s not expressed through goodness, then it’s a false, counterfeit kind of intelligence.”

Ministry Of Education, or Mis-Education, Thailand

History of Isaan, Show, Rajabhat University, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

From the 2th of February through May 2 there will be a Moon Mang Isaan at Rajabhat University, Sakon Nakhon. This is being presented by The Language Art and Cultural Institute at the University And…Continue reading

From Isaan,Northeast Thailand, Tablets for Prathom 1 Students an Opinion

In the first post on this subject the staff at Kalasin Phitayasai school related their experiences with the program in  Thailand, Tablets for Prathom 1 Students at Kalasin Phityasai School, The…Continue reading

Another Leap Nowhere for Education in Thailand

The ministers of Education for the past 18 years, or for as long as I have been in Thailand, with great reguluarity come out with statements announcing new and better curricula for Thai students. All…Continue reading

Thailand, Ministry of Education, Journalism Thai Style and Stealing Candy from a Baby

Many years ago I had a friend in the West of Ireland named Sonno Philllips. Sonno was the poster child for what old Irishmen should look and sound like. He had the look and the patter and tourist…Continue reading

Rampant Debt, Illiterate Students, Thailand, Don’t Worry

Who really knows how many of the Children of the King (all Thai citizens are like the children of the King, he is a Kingdoms Father Figure) have committed suicide, have lost their land or are lost in…Continue reading

From Tom’s Desk, Buddhism, If You Can Breathe You Can Meditate

drive safeI don’t know if it is just America or everywhere else in the world, but it seems to me that people follow what is in fashion like sheep. Instead of the Holy Grail, it seems everyone is seeking the Holy Kale, or whatever is new and trendy.
People seem to have lost the ability to sort it out for themselves. A new book or magazine article is always there to tell one what to eat, how to meditate or what drugs to take.
it’s really simple, If you are breathing you can be meditating.
Forget all the key words, oneness,aware,mindfulness, just get your mind and body on the same peace of real estate and meditate constantly…..

Crystal River Preserve State Park, Florida

crpThe Crystal River Preserve State Park is another of the many natural places of interest in Florida, and like the rest well maintained and documented both analogue, in brochures and digitally online.
Crystal River, the town, lies in Citrus County and the County Chamber of Commerce office in the town has plenty of information fo Crystal City and the rest of the County.As well as all that The Friends of Crystal River State Parks, Inc maintains  a website that as well as a whole bunch of stuff  to include information and maps fpr the local trails..
All in all this is another natural asset for people wanting to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region and the state…

The visitor center does no open till 0900, but has an interesting exhibit and more information.
Make sure to visit the links for many photos and information as well as the small album and
if the album does not appear below Click Here

Phu Phan Mountains, The Free Thai Movement, Tiang Sirikhan,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand, and More

Free Thai Movement and Tiang Sirikhan,Sakon Nakhon,thailand

On 8 December 1941 Japanese forces invaded Thailand. The government ordered a cease fire that same day and allowed the Japanese to occupy Bangkok. Thailand then joined in an alliance with Japan. The…Continue reading

Road 2287 Connecting Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan,Thailand, A Scenic Alternative and Wat Phu Kampra

The usual route between Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan is Route 223 to the 212 in That Phanom then south. Over the years I have taken a number of alternatives and recently started traveling and searching…Continue reading

Phu Phek, That Phanom, The Buddha, Khmer and Asalha Puja

from the museum at That Phanom So the Buddha tells Kassapa about building That Phanom, in what is now Nakhon Phanom Province, from a hilltop in what is now Sakon Nakhon Province and a Khmer ruin on a…Continue reading

Driving in the Phu Phan Mountains from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin,Thailand

The roads in Northeast Thailand are dangerous night and day, but driving through the Phu Phan Mountains in Isaan presents even more dangers, you might say one around every corner. Blind left hand…Continue reading

August 19th Isaan Update

It’s early Friday morning and the plan is to head up to Northern Kalasin and see if the water is falling in the area “Naam Toke” and revisit a couple places that need to be GPSed. As usual, for this…Continue reading

Yad Thip Laap Phet Restaurant , Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

laap nkpThis is the best Laap Restaurant I have found in Central Nakhon Phanom town.. If you are in town for the Illuminated Boat Festival that marks the end of the Rains Retreat this place also provides a pretty decent view of the boat races as well as a daily view of the Mekhong River and Laos.
The circular staircase to the upper floor is the only one I have seen and I wouldn’t want to challenge it after too many Chang….