Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Trip, 2 to 4 October 2015


The story about this trip is verbal and can be heard by clicking the link below

Ajahn Mun, Kammathana Dhutanga Buddhism, in Northeast Thailand

In Search of Kammathana Dhutanga Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

Young Tapai, who was to become Mae Chee Kaew commented on the physical differences between Ajahns Sao and Mun. “Ajahn Mun was shorter and more slender than Ajahn Sao” The pictures I’ve seen and my…Continue reading

dji, Phantom3, Isaan from Above, Thailand



I guess posting a photograph of a place in Northeast Thailand, Isaan, with the name of the place is confusing to some people, sorry bout that. The idea being that a look at a place, or anywhere in the region, might provide an unique perspective to that place, that one might not see from a ground view. If someone needs an explanation of someplace, like That Phanom, a google search should not be too terribly difficult, one can even copy and paste the place name If you look at the album map, you can see where all of these places are located, located meaning where they are on a map. Bear in mind, hard as it might be to believe,information in Google is not always correct, so sometimes, if possible, it is best to sort some of these things out through independent research. I will not try to explain independent research as as I am too lazy.

Google and The Geezer, an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand, HooToo

hootooSadly I forgot my HT-TM05 TripMate Versatile Wireless N Travel Router  on my trip to That Phanom, with it I might have worked my way around the Riverview hotel internet connection challenge. I picked this one up from Amazon for under $US 60.00 and it is worth every Satang of it. The 10,400mAh charger alone is worth that money.
The Bridge mode not only provides added security, but also does away with the need to keep logging on to hotel wifi systems. The Android app makes it a no brainer to use, and I am sure the IOS app is just as good. I had try other brands and none have been as easy to use as this one.

Road 2287 Connecting Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan,Thailand, A Scenic Alternative and Wat Phu Kampra



The usual route between Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan is Route 223 to the 212 in That Phanom then south. Over the years I have taken a number of alternatives and recently started traveling and searching for places of interest along Route 2287 to Nong Kaen and route 2292. While it looks logical to follow Route 3008 on to the 212 beware that this road is under construction, and I would advise checking out condition before travelling that route.
The Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan of the 2287 in the section through the mountains (look in Google Earth or Maps in Satellite mode) is an are with little or none 3G signal, nor any type of signal, which makes it difficult to locate places of interest. There are plenty of caves and temles of interest along the route, but finding them is a bugger…

From Tom’s Desk, Back In Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

panicI’m back and bloviating from Isaan. Namely Sakon Nakhon in Northeast Thailand. A bit about using the new DJI Phantom 3. And a bot about my views and opinions about the state of people, places and things here in the region


ThatPhanom Riverview Hotel, That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

breakfastArriving in That Phanom on Thursday the 17th of September the first thing I did was get some aerial views of the That, as the weather had let up and predictions were not promising. I then headed over tho the Krit Sada Guest House only to find all sorts of construction work going on so I settled for the Krit Sada 2, which is okay, but not all that great. As Daeng was arriving Friday I drcided to check out the ThatPhanom Riverview Hotel. And what a mistake that was. The only redeeming factor about the place is the staff. They do there best to be helpful and  were always polite.

Phu Pha Yon National Park, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand



Phu Pha Yon National Park, Sakon Nahon

The sun came out for real and it got hot mid afternoon when I arrived at the park and went off in search of waterfalls. When I first saw the sign I figured I’d do the 800 meter trip, but as I got…Continue reading

Along the Mekhong, Loei To Nong Khai, Thailand

Part 2 The Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand, Isaan , Nong Kai to Mukdahan

Earlier this month I documented the trip from Chiang Khan, Loei to Sri Chianmai, Nong Khai. I have just retaravelled fo this year the area fron Nong Khai town to Mukdahan. More: Part 2 The Mekhong…Continue reading