Paynes Creek Historic State Park, Bowling Green, Florida

pcspPaynes Creek Historic State Park also seems to be a popular place to launch canoe trips and there seems to be plenty of outfitters nearby
The visitor center offers a self-guided tour of the park’s cultural history with a video program depicting the historical events of 1849-50 and the exhibits provide each visitor with an intimate experience of the historical events that placed Paynes Creek Historic State Park on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Highlands Hammock State Park, Sebring, Florida

hhspThe park has 9 short walking trails where one can see different areas. None of the trails takes much more than 30 minutes, but each is different.
A 1,000 year old live oak referred to as the oldest living thing in the Hammock. There is also much more to see and do at Highlands Hammock State Park

Free Thai, Nang Thoranee, Jit Phumisak,Phu Kieow, Isaan, Thailand

Free Thai Movement and More Heroes from Isaan, Northeast ThailandseriHere I am forcing these old eyes to try to research more about the Free Thai Movement that took place in Isaan after the Thai  Government kissed Jap ass. Or as a Thailand’s Nearly English…Continue reading

Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, The Peace Beyond

For today I am including the text of the talk as well as the video. Sometimes I almost prefer to read and rereadthe words of Ajahn Chah and others

t’s of great importance that we practise the Dhamma. If we don’t practise, then all our knowledge is only superficial knowledge, just the outer shell of it. It’s as if we have some sort of fruit but we haven’t eaten it yet. Even though we have that fruit in our hand we get no benefit from it. Only through the actual eating of the fruit will we really know its taste.
The Buddha didn’t praise those who merely believe others, he praised the person who knows within himself….

Ban Khwao Silk, Chaiyaphum, Thailand

Ban Khwao, Silk, Chaiyaphum, Isaan, Thailand

sawanis located about 15 kilometers west of Chaiyaphum town on road 225. This place is what you would imagine Chonnabot in Khon Kaen to be like if you read the propaganda. 2 large roads into the town…Continue reading

Silk in Chaiyaphum, Northeast Thailand, Big Business

Ban Khwao is located about 15 kilometers west of Chaiyaphum town on road 225. This place is what you would imagine Chonnabot in Khon Kaen to be like if you read the propaganda. 2 large roads into the…Continue reading

From Tom’s Desk, Dashcam, is Back

panicLooking through old posts I noticed that my on the road dashcam videos were rather popular on Isaan road so am going to start recording road stuff here in Florida, and wherever else.
Once again this’ll be a work in progress as 3G coverage is not at all like Isaan where TRUE 3G covered more than 85 percent of where I traveled. Here I will be trying a dashcam app or more..
As in the past somer will be more interesting than others, but the idea is to give folks an idea of whats going on in different areas.  So here we go….

The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Sebring, Florida

ccc1The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum is located in, Highlands Hammock State Park. I’ll write up the Park in.
another post.
The museum  the museum will take an hour or so of your time, but is well worth that time. The satff is well informed and should be able to answer any of your questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at thr museum and at the park as well. This is yet another  State POark to add to your list if you are visiting Florida…

The Santa Fe River, High Springs, Florida

SantaFeAt O’Leno State Park and a few miles down the road at River Rise Preserve State Park you can witness the Santa Fe River disappear and reappear.
I also visited the CCC and the  exhibit at O’Leno. But the thing I found most interesting is The Sanat Fe River phenomenon….

Golf Courses,Isaan Maps, Thailand,

Isaan Maps, Thailand, Sakon NakhongolfFinding what and where you are looking for in Northeast Thailand can be no easy feat. When researching places of interest whether Buddhist Manasteries, towns, Khmer sites or whatever I search through…Continue reading

Golf in Roi Et Northeast Thailand 05.05.12