Civilian Conservation Corps, Florida State Parks

The Santa Fe River, High Springs, Florida

At O’Leno State Park and a few miles down the road at River Rise Preserve State Park you can witness the Santa Fe River disappear and reappear. I also visited the CCC and the  exhibit at O’Leno. But…Continue reading


Buddhism, the Vinaya for laypeople

Accessmun to Insight has a very good guide to the vinaya for laypeople.. For those living in a Buddhist country, or for anyone having contact with Theravadan monastics the guide should help avoid much of the confusion caused by incorrect views and opinions.

Discipline is for the sake of restraint, restraint for the sake of freedom from remorse, freedom from remorse for the sake of joy, joy for the sake of rapture, rapture for the sake of tranquillity, tranquillity for the sake of pleasure, pleasure for the sake of concentration,

From Tom’s Desk, Laptopless at Last

imageThis has been the plan for awhile and I finally made the decision to go cold turkey.

well it is official the laptop is finally sold gone and no longer here. I am now typing this using voice to text and it is the first ever from Tom’s desk completely absent of a laptop. as a matter fact this is the first time in I don’t know how many years and I am without a laptop…

On the Road, Isaan, Thailand

Have a Great Weekend in Khon Kaen, Isaan , Thailand

Well it’s Friday morning, time to wrap things up and get ready for the weekend. First order of business is to map in the new Khon Kaen bus station, out on the ring road. Then off to the Yang Talat,…Continue reading

Tiang Siri Khan, Free Thai Movement, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Free Thai in Northeast Thailand?

Larry over at Khon Kaen Retirement has been digging through the anals of history. Yes anals, not annals. A dark place that seems to be full of shit). I on the other hand am more interested in places…Continue reading

Free Thai Movement and Tiang Sirikhan,Sakon Nakhon,thailand

On 8 December 1941 Japanese forces invaded Thailand. The government ordered a cease fire that same day and allowed the Japanese to occupy Bangkok. Thailand then joined in an alliance with Japan. The…Continue reading

Ajahn Kinnari, Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Thailand

Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Wat Nong Pa Pong, and Branch Monasteries

During my travels in Northeast Thailand, while searching for Monasteries associated with Ajahn Mun and his stidents I occasionally ran across places that were visited by Ajahn Chah as well as what…Continue reading


Buddhism, a book in my hands and old age

LuckilyPaññāvaḍḍho I had a hard copy of the Mae Cheers Kaeow to hold and read, now I am trying to find a copy of “Uncoomon Wisdom” to hold and read. I, really dont know if it is simply old age, or a bit of greed or delusion, but a whole book as a PDF file on a screen just isn’t right.

Luckily all these books are available online at Forest Dhamma , but it would be great to hold it in these old hands.


From Tom’s Desk, Still Posting After All These Years

PhotoPhotoGrid_1426599318050 grid is the name of the application I was trying to think of. And after all these years stuck with windows,

Learning to post with android on a tablet is a bit, a big bit, of a challenge, but a geezer gotta do what a geezer gotta do.

So onwards and some where’s.


Vietnamese Restaurant, Pho Kien Giang, Bun Bo Hue, Pinellas Park, Florida

pho kienAfter the delicious Bun Bo Hue at Pho 97 I decided to give it a try at Pho Kien, up the road a bit. The minute it arrived I could smell a bit of what I think was Cumin, but not for sure. At first taste the broth was just a bit spicier than at Pho 97, but not at all over the top.
Yes it sure seemed like a bit of cumin, but the  both was very pleasant. The noodle and the meat were fine and traditional. No surprises just the way I prefer it. A banh Mi from the Sai Gon next door to take home for a bit later.