The Sirindhorn lsan Information Center,Preserving Culture, Mahasarakham University,Thailand

The Sirindhorn lsan Information Center,Mahasarakham University,Thailand

Isan or Northeastern Thailand, was once a prosperous land with a long history of civilization and cultural heritage. Isan heritage has been transmitted from generation to generation in many…Continue reading

Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, Samma Samadhi, Detachment Within Activity

From the book “Food for the Heart”, which can be found online as a PDF.
Samma Samadhi Detachment Within Activity, a talk by Ajahn Chah
Take a look at the example of the Buddha. Both in his own practice and in his methods for teaching the disciples he was exemplary. The Buddha taught the standards of practice as skillful means for getting rid of conceit, he couldn’t do the practice for us. having heard that teaching we must further teach our-selves, practice for ourselves. The results will arise here, not at the teaching.

From Tom’s Desk, 26 June 2015, A #WashingtonDC 4th of July, and more

ck birdsSo it’s  up to Washington for the 4th of July celebration. Hopefully out to thr big Lao celebration in Catlett, Virginia. And a stop at the Thai embassy to see if it is not too early to pick up my visa for my September return. A stop at the DC Vet center to get some info.

Then back to Clearwater to start wrapping things up

Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, OTOP

OTOP Fair, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

pho kienThis is the best of the OTOP Fairs here in Sakon Nakhon. Products from around the area are on sale at most reasonable prices. Unfortunatly Tourism Authority of Thailand does not advertise these…Continue reading

Foodporn, Banh Mi, Vietnamese Food

banhmiJust like Pho, Banh Mi comes in a variety of options.About 15 follow, and there are a few more to be found
Banh Mi Cha Lua:  Pork Roll, Banh Mi Thit Nguôi: Pork Belly, Bánh Mi xíu Mai: Pork Meatball, Bánh Mi Thit Ning; Grilled Pork, Bánh Mi Ga Nung;  Grilled Chicken, Bánh Mi Bo Nuong; Grilled Beef,  Bánh Mi Nem Nuong; Griled Ground Pork, Bánh Mi Xá xiu;  Roast Por, Bánh Mi Gio; Thu Headloaf, Bánh Mi pate bo; Pate-butter, Bánh Mi Bi ; Shredded Pork Skin, Bánh Mi Dac Biet; Variety of Pork, Coldcuts and Omelet, Bánh Mi Xiu Mai (Chen);  Pork Meatball, Bánh Mi Bò Kho; Beef Stewed, Bánh Mi Bo Né,  Grlled Beef, Pork meatball omelet ….

Buddhism, Ajahn Sao, Personal Responsibility

munBefore Ajahn Mun, Ajahn Sao taught the Phu Thai in Isaan. This is from the Mae Chee Kaeow book.

Long  before  their  introduction  to  Buddhism,  the  Phu  Tai  people upheld  an  ancient  tradition  of  ritual  spirit  worship.  They  paid  obeisance  and  performed  sacrifices  to  benevolent  ancestral  spirits,  and  to the  guardian  spirits  of  the  forests…

From Tom’s Desk, 19 June 2015, Update

guinnessIt’s time to try to start to wrap things up in the States and get ready to head back to Isaan. Veterans and Social Security Administrations hops to jump through. Setting up this that and the other things. Booking trains and planes. Sorting out contact ifo here and there.

Definitely hope to be back for the Mukdahan boat races, but hopefully well before. Winter along the Mekhong Rives, the Haads and Kengs…

Foodporn, Nem Nuong, Vietnamese, Minced Grilled Pork

goicuon-nemFor the readers in Thailand this might be a bit confusing as there are 1,000s of Nem Nuong Restaurants that serve a bare bones edition of this recipe, and consume it, other than swallowing, in a way much different than at Vietnamese restaurants. Nem Nuong in Vietnamese means minced grilled pork. In Thailand a type of that is found, but when you watch the videos at the end of the post you will see that it is a much more flavorfull recipe than I have experienced n Thai places.
The photo on the left shows nem nuong in Goi Cuon, or what in Thai would be called Pau Pia Sot, fresh spring roll. The Vietnamese style is much bigger that the Thai cousin, the paper being about twice the diameter about twice the size

Nakhon Phanom, Illuminated Boats,and a restaurant

Updates From Tom’s Desk in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Saturday the 12th it is off to Nakhon Phanom for the Illuminated Boat Procession and Red Cross Fair. This is the first time in 18 years that I am attending this Tourism Authority of Thailand…Continue reading