Museums,Places of Interest and on the Road in Northeast Thailand

Phu Phan Museum, Sakon Nakhon Thailand

The Museum on the bank of Nong Han (Han Lake) is a recent addition to the learning centers and tourist sights in Sakon Nakhon town. It has been opene a few months and had it’s official opening…Continue reading

Driving goes from dangerous to madness in the rain in Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This is the first real rain of the season. It has been coming down for the better part of 60 hours. I the cities of Isaan any rain immediatly causes localized flooding. This is due to the quality of…Continue reading

Na Wa, Nakhon Phanom,Thailand, Places to Visit

The Na Wa District is easily visited between Sakon Nakhon and Tha Uthen District in Nakhon Phanom and can also be along the alternative route to Amphor Beung Kan. Things to Do in Na Wa include…Continue reading

A Washout in Kalasin leads to a Interesting Queens Birthday Weekend in Khon Kaen, Thailand

We arrived in Kalasin on a rainy cloudy boring Saturday. Generally I now stay at Soontri Apartments near the bus station. The place is a bit long in the tooth, but clean, the WIFI is actually…Continue reading

If it Ain’t Bangkok in Thailand It Just don’t Count

Do a search in either of  Thailands Nearly English Language Dailies for the words flood or drought or even cold spell, never mind the tablet scam and you will find yoinks of posts. One of my…Continue reading

From Tom’s Desk, Amazing Thailand,Amazing Thailand

Screenshot (12)There it is right in the Google Play Store (click on the thumbnail to enlarge) at least 4 “Amazing Thailands”. Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement fame sent me  “TAT up tourism promotion, launching new Amazing Thailand mobile application” version Friday 19 September, 2014. And sure enough I reviewed it on August 30 2014 “Tourist Authority of Thailand,Amazing Thailand Application”. But the one I had never seen before came out back in June and…

Forest Buddhism, Mae Chee Kaew Memorial, Mukdahan, Thailand

kaewan ordinary,uneducated Phu Thai girl who goes on to realize the ultimate truth and escape suffering in her lifetime.
Mae Chee Kaew lived a simple village life in the northeast of Thailand and overcame great difficulties in attempting to leave home and follow the Buddha’s noble path. Blessed with the good fortune to meet the most renowned meditation masters of her era, she took their teachings on meditation to heart, diligently cultivating a mind of clear and spontaneous awareness. Her persistence, courage, and intuitive wisdom enabled her to transcend conventional boundaries and find release from suffering. The bookMae Chee Kaew Her Journey to Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment”
Bhikkhu Dick Sīlaratano is available, free of charge along with others at the Fore3st Dhamma website” target=”_blank”>Ajaan Dick Sīlaratano is now the Abbot of Forest Dhamma Monastery outside Lexington Virginia.

Lafayette Blue Springs State Park, Mayo, Florida

LBSIt was interesting to discover where that well known sandwich spread came from, as well as start my trip along Springs row along highway 27. At Lafayette Blue Springs State Park I also learned about the Green Sink cave system, in the Suwannee River.
Limestone is cropped out throughout the spring pool and run. A 20 ft wide land bridge stretches north to south across the spring run approximately 120 ft east of the vent. There is a narrow band of a few cypress trees near spring run. The spring pool is steep sided with limestone and sand. Adjacent high ground is approximately 20 ft above the water level, and it is sparsely forested with a few pines and oaks…

Thai Junta Plans to Punish the Farm Youth

drive safeI have said that the Ministry of Education in Thailand in particular (OBEC) Office of the Basic Education Commission should be tried for crimes against humainty for the treatment of students in Thailand.
I am not going to bother to provide links to the dozens, if not hundreds of articles over the past couple years. Teachers cheating on exams, rampant corruption in secondary school students generally illiterate in their own language,university graduates unfit in their area of study, simply buying a degree, plagarism,the list goes on and on.

And now ‘Free education’ for farmers’ children. Remember as Larry at khon kaen retirement said, “Just because you are sitting behind a desk does not mean you are working…

Tampa Bay Computer Society

tbcs01I have mentioned them before and have posted from the Wednesday seminars and I gues it is about time to mention them and the Random Acts of Kindness day that was held on 25 October . So here’s the poop…
The Tampa Bay Computer Society is a membership computer club that offers many FREE computer classes and seminars that non-members may evaluate before joining. We cater to beginners as well as tech pros.
Our claim to fame is that we repair our members’ computers for FREE. Your membership includes one free tune-up or repair each year. If you need additional assistance within the year we will charge you a $20 fee. You can see more information about…

Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Education 8

Buddhism emphasizes goodness and virtues, but children have to live in an increasingly harsh and unfriendly environment.
What are the reassurances for parents?
What are the real issues? Thawsi School, Bangkok

This is the last  In the series “Buddhist Education and once again the simplicity and clarity that Ajahn Jayasaro practices makes this subject easy to understand.

I will put all 8 talks together in a storify story soon….

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, 4732 Millhopper Road, Gainesville, Florida

devilsDevil’s Millhopper Geological State Park is a suburban park. When the gates opened at 0800 the local joggers were jogging in place waiting patiently. I found it all quite interesting and worth the hour I wondered around.
“In the midst of north Florida’s sandy terrain and pine forests, a bowl-shaped cavity 120 feet deep leads down to a miniature rain forest. Small streams trickle down the steep slopes of the limestone sinkhole, disappearing through crevices in the ground.Lush vegetation thrives in the shade of the walls even in dry summers. A significant geological formation, Devil’s Millhopper is a National Natural Landmark….

Washington D.C. for Veterans Day and a TV Education, From Toms Desk

ilum-boatIt is just about 20 years since I last was at the wall or in D.C. for Veterans day, but when I got the Invitation for the ceremony at the NATIONAL WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL I quickly called my old friend Sean, in Takoma Park to make sure there was a bunk available for me, booked a flight, and now it is just the aanticipationof what might be an emotional visit.
Seeing Joe and a few other long time friends is always heartening, for this old man. And hearing Joe…..