Jade Bistro, Asian Cuisine, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jade Bistro specializes in Vietnamese food, but has Thai, Chinese and more. The carryout menu pictured is an exact copy of the eat in menu.
The first thing that struck me was the fact that the sauces were not in their normal containers. This technique is often used to make you feel a bit upscale, while in fact the products are inferior, which proved to be the case here. The sri Racha sauce was mostly ketchup and the Nouc Mam had an odd taste.
While the Pho was okay it was not as good as Pho Quyen

Buddhism,Karma, Bhikkhu P.A. Payutto and Born Again Buddhists


This story about  P.A Payutto, a well known Thai Buddhist monk. This story as well as many other talks and articles can be found at the website Buddhism Now. I always enjoy these type stories as they remind me of the Born Again Buddhists that I bump into.

The best way to explain a  Born Again Buddhist is an incident at a monastery in Thailand that is often visited by westerners. A young man asked the Ajahn about wearing a facemask. Why do you want to wear a facenmask? asked the monk. Because I worry about killing the microbes in the air. answered the young man. There was a moment of silence before some in the back of the group asked the youngster if he walked on air…

Wat Tham Kham,Phanna Nikhom,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand, Ajahn Thate and Forest Buddhism

Wat Tham Kham,Phanna Nikhom,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand, Ajahn Thate

Tourism Authority of Thailandtells us that Wat Tham Kham used to be where the famous monks Achan Fan and Luang Pu Thet meditated. A pagoda housing the relics of the latter is here. Not much for such…Continue reading

Forest Buddhism, Ajahn Thate, A Formula for Sleeping or not Sleeping

I met a few western monks who were students of Ajahn Thate while in England in the 80s and read a bit that was available in English. When I got to Thailand in 1995 I visited Wat Hin Mak Paeng, where…Continue reading

Forest Buddhism, Ajahn Munindo, Selling Samsara

I well remember Ajahn Munindo from my days at Chithurst all those many years ago. And ye, I remeber when the hurricane happened, and monks with chainsaws. I also remember his enjoyment of things like…Continue reading

Buddhism,Bhante Gunaratana,Samadhi and the Jhanas

It has probably been the better part of 30 years since I first met Bhante G., as he is well known. Well educated he can guide people through the relationships and steps of the most complicated of Buddhist teachings.
Those first years at  the Bhavana Societysaw little in the way of creature comfort and not freezing to death some of those icy West Virginia night was a challenge.
In the short video Bhante discusses Why do some teachers warn about practicing jhanas?
Once again he puts a complicated subject forward in a clear concise way.

Mahasarakham University Library, and Sirindhorn Isan Information Center,Thailand

Mahasarakham University Library and Sirindhorn Isan Information Center

This an amazing asset to the university, region and the country. When I get to a real computer I will post more information about this center that also contains many items to view in a beatiful…Continue reading

The Sirindhorn lsan Information Center,Mahasarakham University,Thailand

Isan or Northeastern Thailand, was once a prosperous land with a long history of civilization and cultural heritage. Isan heritage has been transmitted from generation to generation in many…Continue reading

Music at Library Week Mahasarakham University, Isaan

I have been trying to edit the intro into this video for about an hour. No luck. It is Library week at the university and I will try to work in the other information over the next couple days. Link:…Continue reading

Streetfood Thailand 09.25.11

I found this Brochure and associated exhibit in the Library at Mahasarakham University. I think that the exhibit was professionally done and it was very expensive looking and terribly done. Read more…Continue reading

From Tom’s Desk, Christianity and Buddhism in America, An Opinion

I am easily confused and the Christian thing in A merica seems to me a lot like Buddhism in Thailand, everyone says they are one but no one acts like one.

If those people in wheelchairs that have run into me and those upright who have driven their shopping carts are Christian I would really hate to be in the way of a heathen.

Empty churches might be put to better or at least moe Christian? uses.

oh well here goes another Tom Isaan rant….

The 14 khong, customs, laws, rules of Laos and Isaan, Northeast Thailand

I am finally getting the Heet 12 (sipsong) traditions of   Laos and Isaan posted on the blog and will finish the series in November with one last Storify Story and now I guess is a good time to start on the traditional 14 customs or laws of the region
While the article, An Application of Isan Local Indigenous Knowledge in Suppression of Social Disputes” by Somchai Wanlu , Songkhoon Chantachon and Boonlert Rachote and abstract of whish can be read at the link is quite optimistic in modern times, there still are communities that to this day practice heet 12 khong 14…..

Wat Lao Buddha Phavanaram, Buddhism in the United States

I had seen it on Google Maps before my trip to D.C. and my friend Vilay had told me that it was open and in operation. I came to find out that the Wat hosted the 31st Lao American Sangha Council Conference in 2013.
I stopped by on Asalha Puja, the 12th, to find the place pretty much deserted, but was told that the big day was Khao Pansaa on Sunday the 13th. On Saturday there were in fact  about a dozen folks there, mostly older women, my age, in white, so the place was not actually deserted.
When I arrived on the 13th the place was packed…..

A Bowl of Pho. A Banh Mi, Just Good Old Vietnamese Food, Pho Quyen,Pinellas Park, Florida

The Vietnamese do it best. For one thing the build restaurants that serve Vietnamese food to the Vietnamese and the locals follow. While a Vietnamese restaurant that serves Vietnemese food is easy to find many places throughout Florida and the larger cities on the East coast. When I want a good bowl of Pho a good bowl of Quaiytiao just wont do, not that I have been able to find a good bowl of Quaiytiao in Florida, though I did in the D.C. area. I have a few more places and many many entrees  to try I will keep sharing….