It’ Time to Stop Whining and Start Solving

No-Whining-Sticker-(2146)If I hear one more politician pissing and moaning, and slamming his opponent I’ll scream. Then there are plenty of promises, but no plans. After 18 years of “Tourism Authority of Thailand lies and bullshit I thought a break might be nice. Beyond a doubt any research shows that Thailand is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.
Sure I believe problems need to be clearly pointed out and a bit of ridicule in the case the Tourism Authority of Thailand is good exercise, just read  Khon Kaen Retirement to see the real story.
But Thai government entities have been on the gravy train so long the only thing they have been good at is lining their own pockets…..

Weekend in Suwannee, Chiefland, Cedar Key and Crystal River. Part4, Foodfest

foodfestAfter my tour of Cedar Key Town, and Learning about Clams and Aquaculture and a trip to the Historical Society Museum it was time for a food break and it was even better than advertised.
Taste of Cedar Key, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, local restaurants showcase the varied cuisine around town by offering samples from their menus – with local musicians in the gazebo. Proceeds to benefit the Cedar Key High School-$10 adults, $5 seniors/under 18. City Park, Second & A Street.
The day was perfect, there was plenty of food and the folks were friendly…..

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park,Florida, New finds and New Camera

hom2I visited Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park,Homosassa, Florida back in August. At the time I was directed to the car park right across the street from the park and missed the main interest with Visitor Center, as well as the 20 minute pontoon boat ride to the visitor center as well as the shady  tram/walking path.
Also using the Samsung Point an Shoot WB50F. I am still getting familiar with the small bit of shutter lag, but it does provide better zoom and a better quality photo as well.
Since I was there mid day on the weekend you can see a bit why Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park…

Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Education 7

Buddhist emphasis on inner peace, contentment and few desires, is that an obstacle to development? done for  the Thawit School.
‘In Buddhism we talk about two different kinds of desire. When you lack understanding of something, or you misunderstand the nature of something, then immediately the false desires arise in your mind, what we call taṇhā, or craving.
‘Whereas when you have a clear understanding of something, when your mind is at peace and equanimous, the point that cannot be stressed enough is that the mind doesn’t become inherently passive, but that a different kind of desire arises. And this is the desire which is powered by compassion. It’s a desire for truth, a desire to do good, and to create happiness and benefit for those around you.’….

Google Maps, Wat Tham Phuang, and Free Thai in Northeast Thailand

Maps, Google Maps and getting to Wat Tham Phuang in Northeast Thailand

I usually go to this cave wat from Sawang Daeng Din, which is North of this area and the wat is south of Song Dao. Even in this small section of road atlas page you can see that it is pretty useless…Continue reading

Free Thai in Northeast Thailand?

Larry over at Khon Kaen Retirement has been digging through the anals of history. Yes anals, not annals. A dark place that seems to be full of shit). I on the other hand am more interested in places…Continue reading

Garmin GPS, Google Maps and Samsung Point and Shoot in America

panicTo my mind Garmin is more bossy the the Google lady. Setting up a destination in Google also feels easier. Sure, a lot of that might be due to the fact that I have used Google for years and Garmin only recently.
Due to the internet situation in the States, Garmin has to be used if one needs direction, as well as local information.

At the end of the day the big problem is Internet access in the States. When your ISP des not cover the area you are in, you are screwed. 2G is useless. If you do not want to go to a fast food place, or where ever they provide free access, you are screwed……

Weekend in Suwannee, Chiefland, Cedar Key and Crystal River. Part3, Cedar Key Historical Society & Museum

ckhmWith the exception of the Days Inn in Chiefland the weekend was going great and the Cedar Key Historical Society & Museum was another stop during the weekend.
Years ago a train connected Cedar Key to Jacksonville, which was nicely documented in the exhibits.I also found the brush/broom factory quite interesting and had a friendly conversation with the docent about sedge grass in Thailand.
Both buildings were well set up and quite informative. Both people on sitr were helpful and well spoken.All in all I was there for about an hour and a half and never bored.There is no entrance fee…

Weekend in Suwannee, Chiefland, Cedar Key and Crystal River. Part2, Clams

clamsAfter my tour familiarization tour of Cedar Key it was time for Clam Farming Talk and Tour, 9:30-11 a.m. or 2:30-4 p.m. Learn about the industry that has made Cedar Key a major producer of farm-raised clams in the nation, then visit a shore-based facility to a look at a hatchery, nursery and processing plant. FWC Sen. Kirkpatrick Marine Lab, 11350 SW 153 Court.
The first part was a 30 minute slideshow and talk about the whole process about Floridas Shellfish Aquaculture followed by a field trip to Southern Cross Seafood where we saw….

Is Thai Buddhism at war with Buddhism, and Skepticism in Thailand

Okay I am being a bit contentious, but with good, IMHO, reason.
First of all Buddhism in Thailand is controlled and manipulated by the Thai government. A government widely  known to be corrupt and incompetent.
Second the education system in Thailand is abysmal. Secondary school students are not even competent in their own language. And studies have shown that University Graduates are not properly trained in their fields of study.
I have been told all sorts of things that are incorrect about Buddhism as well as many more parochial subjects.
Here is a translation of a monks rules of conduct, the Vinaya. It has not changed or modified in more than 2500 years.