PC Cowboytown, Nong Bua Lam Phu, Thailand

cowboy1Before anyone tells me the place is in Udon Thani, I know that, but the Address in the brochure says Nong Bua Lam Phu, so as far as I am concerned, up to them, or him, and he is a lot bigger than me, check out their facebook page and the Cowboytown website. Larry “Buckaroo” Westfall and I were on a road trip in the area when we headed thar pardner. The place has one hell of a lot of money put into it and from what I see on their facebook page and website the hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Plenty of equipment and things to do. I wasn’t all that impressed with the Exotic Prison, or as it is called Zoo.

Mukdahan, Thailand, Khao Pansaa, Part 2



Saturday the 24th we traveled out to Khamcha-I to visit the Mae Chee Kaeo Memorial and Relgious Practice Center. There seem to be about 20 or so white robed Mae Chee in residence. FRom there out to the Waterfall Park. This is another rapids and except for the usual trash was quite nice, but as usual the trail to the rapids unmarked.On to Wat Pa Wiwek Watthanaram, home to the late Ajahn Jahn. His funeral site is in what seems to be the “New Style” copying the Luangta Maha Boowa site. Visiting the Indochine Market and the post of Mukdahan went on till I departed on the 27th.

Across the Mekhong River, Immigration, Thailand, Laos

99vipFor the first time in many, many years I had to travel to Laos for visa purposes. The first part of my double entry tourist visa was about to expire, I didn’t want an extension now, so it was off to Laos to use part 2. In order to board the 0700 one should arrive at the Mukdahan bus station by 0600 to queue up to get a ticket for the bus that will take you to immigration at the bridge. Why not simply have immigration and customs at the bus station? is beyond me. At the bridge everyone must dismount go through immigration, once officer got makeup appled, and get back on said waiting bus. 45 minutes from bus station through immigration.

Mukdahan, Thailand, Khao Pansaa, Part 1



Traveled on Road 223 to Na kae, Nakhon Phanom to get an aerial photo of Phra That Si Khun. Continued eastward to the two-one-two and turned south toward Mukdahan.
After a few kilometers turned east to Kaeng Krabao, or kha bao, or one if it’s many spellings. Most of the rocks that make up the kaeng are under water and will remail
so until December or January into April.
From the kaeng we travelled the river road south to Song Khon to use the drone at the Shrine of the Lady of the Martyrs.

Amazon and the Geezer in Can opener Heaven in Isaan, Thailand

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Simply mount the can opener on the can, press the button to turn on, let can opener swivel around the can, press the button again to turn off the can opener when it has made a complete circle.
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Water Hyacinth Infestation, Nong Hann, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand,



I have posted about the situation on Nong Hann some time ago. On my return to isaan I noted the amount of work that went into this clearing. Over the past few weeks I have seen a definite increase in the infestation from a few years ago. Considering the money and training that has been offered to the Thai government to fight this infestation one might wonder what’s gone wrong. The Thai government is what is wrong.

Than Nouhak Phoumsa-vanh Monument, Mukdahan, Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand



During my last trip to I was able to update my Isaan Provinces Brochure collection thanks to the staff at the Tourism Authority of Thailand office being absent. I realize my eyes are 67 years old, but I have yet to meet anyone who thinks the font size in the brochures is reasonable, or readable for the matter.
Never mind the font, the information is the usual collection incomplete and confusing information the Tourism Authority of Thailand is best at. One site in particular crossed my eye was one I had just notices driving the new section of the river road to the bridge from upriver. The Than Nouhak Phoumsa-vanh Monument seemed a place worth a visit

7 Thats for 7 Days Nakhon Phanom, Thailand from Above

IMG_20150420_050857There are 2 other sources that describe the 7 Auspicious sites in Nakhon Phanom Province
The Sacred Spires of Isaan” by Manote Tripathi and “Temple Trotting Nakhon Phanom style” there is a third that I have read that mentions 8 Thats, Wednesday having 2. I have never heard of the 8th mentioned, could not find reference at any number of sources. I have emailed the author and as of this date not gotten a repose. At the end of the day there are 100s of Thats in Nakhon Phanom, but if you plan on visiting the area these 7 will bring you diverse areas where other points of interest can be found. Simply click om the thumbnail for full view

Wat Mano Phirom, 15 kilometers to Bridge2, Mukdahan, Thailand




This is one really improved section of road if you plan to take the river road from That Phanom to Mukdahan. I will discuss upriver sections in a later post. This section starts at Wat Mano Phirom, which is worth a visit, about 15 kilometers upriver from the bridge. At one time this route meandered through a little used, but dusty and potholed gravel yeard, now it is a nearly pothole free clean, this is Isaan, stretch of road.