Buddhism, Come and see and test it out, Ajahn Jayasaro, Dhamma

JayasaroSince I have known him Ajahn Jayasaro has always been understandable to me. I have always found his easy simple way comfortable. Perhaps all his years with the people of Isaan, Northeat  Thailand, and his time with Ajahn Chah have helped instill that singsong rhythm which is so easy to spend an hour or so listening to. Whatever the case, here, once again he offers a reflection…

Foodporn, Vietnamese Food, Pho, its Not As Simple as That

imageWhile in Pho 97 the other day i got a taste for Pho Dac Biet and later decided to take a look around the internet to see what folks has to say about the different types of Pho. There is a plentiful selection to choose from. Lo and behold it seems a lot of folks think pho is just pho!…

From Tom’s Desk, Trip to Atlanta

imageknock on wood the trip went quite well and there were no real Bugaboos. from Clearwater to Thomasville to Manchester Georgia was just a plain old trip and everything went fine. At the College Park Days Inn everything was fine as opposed to the bedbug and other reports that I read. All in all I figure if the people had bed bugs they brought them from their own home. Monday morning picking up Daeng at the airport was no problem thanks to the help and guidance of the staff at the Days Inn. the trip back although there was light rain was pretty much an eventful. and we safely made it back to Clearwater in one piece, but somewhat tired. more later y’all take care.

Isaan,Isan, Northeast Thailand, Buddhism, and Traditions

Buddhism, A Heart Released, Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta, Thailand

For a number of years I traveled Northeast Thailand searching for places that played in the life of Ajahn Mun. Not many people alive who knew him, but many villages where he stayed reflect his…Continue reading

Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park, Keystone Heights, Florida

upload_-1This is another of the CCC associated parks I have been wanting to visit and it was well worth the trip nearly to Jacksonville. Some of the original pavilions and buildings are still in use.

One of Florida´s first state parks, Mike Roess Gold Head Branch…

Krishnamurti, Meditation, What is it and Why Bother Meditating Anyway

shellI’ve been back in America for a year now and have heard and read hours of information and opinion about the busines of meditation and mindfulness occuring, mostly, in the west today.With a 30 plus year association, mostly, with the Theravadan Forest tradition as intruced by Ajahns Sao and Mun I guess I try to be aware of my views and opinions when reflecting on this relatively recent phenominum.

Isaan, Northeast Thailand, Buddhism, Traditions and Culture

Buddhism, Making Merit, a Northeast Thailand Monthly Tradition, Month 1,Duan Ai, Bun Khao Kam

Heet sip song  means traditions of making  merit popularly observed in the twelve months of the year.  These traditions are beneficial  for tightening friendship,  unity, and society…Continue reading

From Toms Desk, Apps and Updates

Screenshot_2015-04-09-04-32-07Well I should be on the road. And I’ve also been working with a few apps trying to figure out the best office type app. And also getting ready for my trip to Atlanta Georgia. I am quite enjoying the Samsung keyboard. Having used and satisfied with the Google keyboard and it’s shortcuts ability. The Samsung keyboard that I stumbled onto by way of YouTube has many tweas that I find quite useful. Anyhow have a great week…

Thursby House, Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida

imageI guess the natives might not have been to pleased with the site selection of the house. You can read more about paranormal activities at Blue Springs. All in all if you are near Orlando and want a break from the big amusement  parks this might be a great  alternative.