Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure, Project Fi

IMG_20160427_071247Project Fi, by Google kicked off about a year ago. I followed the whole thing at a couple forums and Youtube. As things stand at the moment it appears I’ll be in the States about half the year. so I decided to join and had my Huawei 6p and Fi simple waiting for me when I arrived in DC.
I’ve been using it all out 6 weeks no and for all practice purposes have no complaints.
In less than a month I will be learning how it works out internationally.
Next Google post will address the 6p and Android 6, Marshmallow

Lam Pao Reservoir, Thepsuda Bridge, Kalasin, Thailand

Thepsuda Bridge, Lam Pao Reservoir, Kalasin, Isaan 15.11.11

A few 100m from the dedication site HRH Princess Theparattana Rajasuda Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (somdet prathep) will preside over the opening ceremony of the Thepsuda bridge, which has been in use in…Continue reading

Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival, Washington DC

nipponThe Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival is the largest one-day celebration of Japanese culture in the United States and is proud to be the grand finale of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  Performers and vendors travel from all over the country and the world to Washington, DC to share their love of Japanese culture and traditions with the Festival attendees. Plentyof art and more than plentyof food and adult beverages, Click on the link for all the information about the festival.

Wat Lao St Petersburg Florida

Wat Lao Mixayaram, Saint Petersburg, Florida, Buddhism in the U.S.

I had gone down to Saint Petersburg to have a Vietnamese meal, but on arrival found that the restaurant was not at that location. Google maps is only as good as the people who update it. I had seen…Continue reading

Bangkok, Dubai, WashingtonDC, the Trip

breakfastFrom Bangkok to Dubai is a 6.5 hour trip, drop Dubai to WashingtonDC is 14 hours. At 68 years old it’s  a bugger, even on Emirates. Economy is economy even with free wine and beer. Dubai also has a transit hotel inside the international area, no going through customs, which I will probably try when on my own. I found the layover quite useful from both the physical as well as the mental points of view. The big shocker this trip has been the weather here, down near 0 Celsius is a bit of a shock coming from Thailand, but the apartment has heat, and we have plenty of warm clothing.

Phu Mu,Loeng Nok Tha,Mukdahan,Thailand and some VietNam era History and More

phu muBoth Phu Mu and Loeng Nok Tha Airstrip in Mukdahan, Thailand played a role during the Viet Nam War and while only remnants exist on Phu Mu the airstrip outside Loeng Nok Tha is still in use. I read what is available on the internet about OPERATION CROWN. And I found some recently updated information about Phu Mu- Leong Nok Tha online as well.
It is an interesting set of stories in itself and of course I had to go visit the sites myself. Looking at the photos from the 90s not much has changed on Phu Mu. The road is passable and potholed, it is probably the same road that the western engineers laid. Some nice views from the top. It is a narrow ridge so everything is sort of right there. For some reason I messed the swimming pool and could not find a Budweiser anywhere, but worth the trip

Temple Paintings In Northeast Thailand

Wat Pho Kham, That Phanom,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Buddhism

The Temple is located in Nam Kham village south of Thai Phanom and the Kham River. This is yet another of the isaan Mural temples from the Paper by Pairote Samosorn “E-sarn Mural Paintings” 1989. The…Continue reading

The Pakama (ผ้าขาวม้า) an Isaan Fashion Statement, Northeast Thailand

IMG_20150820_071642The pakama is a versatile length of cloth, best of which is cotton,which can be used as a bathing cloth,  for sleeping in or just casual wear around the house also as a  belt, as headwear for protection from the sun, and as a hammock . English internet searches bring up little or nothing while there is a fair bit in Thai. In Thailand the pakama is looked at as an Isaan thing and generally for old men and people are coming up with new uses for the Isaan Tartan. No problem with new uses ,but the original uses are plenty enough  to see sales soar with just a bit of advertising.
I often wonder why there are not different plaids for each province in Isaan, even down to Amphor Tambon, Tesaban or Village.

Sakon Nakhon, Public Transportation, Thailand

accident1It took more than 2 weeks to get the car repaired so I was relegated to Taxi Cabs or piblic transportation. The taxi company,as in many of Isaan cities, is supported by the Mafia in Uniform AKA Thai Government Officers. The law as I understand it states meter taxis MUST operate by meter. As far as I know the only 2 towns in the region where meter taxis truly exist are Khon Kaen and Ubon Ratchatani. Those 2 towns also have the brst public transportattion systems.
Whatever the case any system is better than none for the people who have no other option. The other reality is that no matter how efficient a system is it is operating on the streets and roads of Thailand, a dangerous situation at best.