Chonnabot, Khon Kaen, Thailand, Isaan, Google Map

Chonnabot, Silk, Khon Kaen Thailand

chonnabotI have updated the original post. September 2014. TAT advertises this place extensively in their written and video propaganda, but seem unable to place it in any obvious way anywhere. To be somewhat precise, if you are driving West on road 229 from…Continue reading

Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park,Tallahassee, Florida

ArchaeologicalThunder and black skies made this another abbreviated visit.
More than eight centuries ago, Native Americans inhabited the area around Lake Jackson, just north of Tallahassee. The park site was part of what is now known as the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. Today the park encompasses four earthen temple mounds, with two available for viewing by the public. The largest mound is 278 feet by 312 feet at the base and approximately 36 feet in height. The village at the base of these mounds was a cultural, religious and population center in 1100-1200 AD. Our trails offer visitors a chance to hike within the park. The interpretive trail passes remnants of Florida’s Territorial Period and early statehood (1825-1860) when the land was part of a large plantation owned by Colonel Robert Butler. The remains of an 1800s grist mill may be seen along the trail. Unfortunately the trail is not in the best repair and I could not find the mill…..

Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, Why Are We Here

Many of Ajahn Chah’s talks have now been translated into English and are now available, for free, on YouTube and elsewhere. As I get older hearing Luang Por speak at a time he knew his time was short is especially inspiring.

Having visited Wat Tham Saeng Phet a number of times makes this talk even more moving. I wonder what it must have been like to climb that hill before roads.
Back in the days when his legs carried him, before he had to drag then around. I know that feeling

For sure, old age is not for the weak, and the reflections offered by Ajahn Chah give strength …

Tourist Authority of Thailand,Amazing Thailand Application

ttt-appHow one national tourism authority can stay ignorant in a world of amazing applications would be stunning if it was not the Tourist Authority of Thailand. Sure many tourism authorities farm out technical processes, but at least test them to see if they work. Not so the geezers at TAT. I would be willing to bet that better then 90% of them never have and never will use an application, let alone visit most of the places.
The app seems to want to give directions to places and in Thailand one must be very careful with Google Maps as all roads are not correct.

The app does not locate points by amphor and I could go on and on but watch Part 1 ….


If the video does not appear below Click Here 

Yelp,Foursquare,Swarm,Google, who can review, From Tom’s Desk

buddha-geezerTrying to get information about restaurants, tourist sites or anything else should be no trouble in the land Yelp,Foursquare,Swarm,Google, and 100s if not 1000s of applications available, but too much information, or mis-information sometimes just adds to the confusion.
1 immediate thing to note is the age of the review. The ones that say the place is the best in the area, generally have not visited most of the places in the area, so their opinion is limited, and on and…

Ministry of the Interior, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, Thailand, Will the Junta end Corruption

Urban Planning and the Quality of Life in Northeast Thailand, or Not

A recent visit to Khon Kaen led to a sore neck due to looking at all the new condo coming signs. Beung Kaen Nakhon and it’s encircling road, which has been bogged down in congestion for years is…Continue reading

Ministry of the Interior, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, Thailand, Does What?

I first posted about the rumour of this deapartment in the Ministry of the Interior about 1 year ago and with another year having gone by and another 20 plus thousand kilometers traveled in Isaan I…Continue reading

Urban Planning and the Economy in northeast Thailand, Khon Kaen

I just recently, after nearly 17 years in Thailand, learned of the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning and now wonder what their function is relative to…Continue reading

Taste of Saigon, is now Thien Na, Vietnamese Restaurant, Pinellas Park, Florida

thien-naMore on finding Vietnamese Restaurants in the area coming soon. Yelp, Foursquare,Swarm and Google a person could easily go nuts. I had passed this one a number of times on my way back from Wat Lao Mixayaram. Since the place was packed to overfill on Sunday my stop at Thien Na was a closer to 1100 than noon.
The $7.99 price tag on a bowl of Pho looked a pit dear until the bowl arrived. It was huge with plenty of rare beef, spring onions and a rich broth. I got a take away Banh Mi….

Ajahn Tongrat, Ajahn Kinnari and Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

Ajahn Chah back with Ajahn Kinnari and more Dhammapada

I find Ajahn Tongrat’s monastery, Ajahn Jaayasaro tells us more about the life of Ajahn Chah, and th Dhammapada with commentary by Ajahn Munindo. To many places beings withdraw to escape from fear:…Continue reading

Ajahn Chah Meets Luang Por Tongrat and Dhammapada with commentary by Ajahn Munindo

Another Dhammapada with commentary by Ajahn Munindo Let go of that which is in front, let go of that which has already gone, and let go of in-between. With a heart that takes hold nowhere you arrive…Continue reading

Ajahn Tongrat, Ajahn Kinnari and Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

I have watched the video Ajahn Chah biography presnted by Ajahn Jayasaro a number of times and have been trying to post an episode a week for some time now, A month or so again I found Wat Pa KhanTa…Continue reading

Alfred B.Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee, Florida

gardenI agree with the reviews, and the one in particular who mentions finding the entrance. It does appear that The historic Gardener’s Cottage is only open part of the year. No question this is a tranqui; retreat on the edge of the city and appears to be frequented frequently by the locals. I found it a pleasent escape on a weekday morning, but once again on this roadtrip thunder and flashes of lightening were not far away. The brochure, once again, is quite useful for Alfred B.Maclay Gardens State Park, offering plenty of information.
Whatever the case…..