Cedar Keys, Florida and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge

cedar keyDuring my visit to the Lower Suwannee area I happened on Cedar Keys, Florida and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge. As with most places in the United States information is easy to find and there is plenty available.
Although the town seemed a bit commercial for my druthers it certainly has plenty to do for most everyone.I also was impressed by the The Cedar Key Area Chamber of Commerce’ website where I found that The The Smithsonian is coming to Cedar Key. The Way We Worked exhibit will be here September 13th through October 24th.
If I am in the area I hope to stop in and visit the exhibit….

From Tom’s Desk, Meditation or Buddhist Meditation

Yes there are differences and inmy humble opinion are many and not minor. I forger who said that meditation within dhamma vinaya relative to meditation was like lightening relative to the fire fly, or something like that.
I read what the meditation teachers touting their wares have to say online and while much I am sure is wholesome and usefull it is missing the structure or guidance Buddhism provides. I realise the vinaya is only pertinent to bhikkhus but for us lay folk the dhamma with the four noble truths provides a structure or guide.

As Buddhism is not asking one to believe anything there should be  no contradiction or constraints for Christians or others.
Anyhow I look forward to your comments on my comments….

Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, Florida

lower trail 1 wayThe Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge lies on both the North and South bank of the river, unfortunately intermittent rain once again dashed my plans to travel both banks and I only traveled the south.
The headquarters building had tonnes of brochures and information many of which are also available in digital format, online
There were a couple sign glitches on the trail near headquarters, but the drive along the 9 mile sideroad was well marked and also well maintained.

Cafe Bich Nga, Pinellas Park, Florida, United States

bich ngaCafe Bich Nga, was just filling up when I got there. The clientele seemed to be mostly regulars and all Vietnamese.
The place has an odd layout and may not appeal to the “refined” diner, as it is a Pho house noe more no less.
I had the Pho Tai, Vietnamese Rare Beef & Noodle Soup. The broth was rich, the beef was rare, only cooked by the both. The condiments were as traditional as the soup.
Service was quick and precise. I prefer not to chat simply order my food and have it delivered.
Sadly they were out of Banh Mi, perhaps next time….

Isaan Update Sakon Nakhon, Northeast Thailand

Another mobile test post with the wordpress application from northeast thailand24.10.12

A beautiful evening along Nong Han in Sakon Nakhon and another mobile post test…Continue reading

2012 the Last Moonset and Sunrise of 2012 Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

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Isaan Update Sakon Nakhon Northeast Thailand

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Phu Kieow, Radio Relay Station,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

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Android 4.3 Jellybean,Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand

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Illuminated Riveboat Procession and Red Cross Fair ,Nakhon Phanom,Thailand

ilum-boatI am sure it will be advertised as a whole week event again this year, just as it has been 20 years I am aware of. First of all the whole town is most probably totally booked for Auk Pansaa and the only night more than 1 boat travels downstream. Auk Pansaa is on 9 October this year (2014)
I stayed at an out of the way  rsort for the entire week and there was very little going on. Nong Khai and elsewhere have better boat races

Ajahn Jayasaro, Buddhist Education Part 2

In what way is rote-learning an obstacle to creative thinking?
What is the difference between rote-learning and memorization?
What is wrong with rote-learning?
What are the benefits of memorization?

Once again I find Ajahn Jayasaro’s explanations clear and concise and useful not only for formal education but in day to day life.
I hope you find this series useful…

Buddhism, Ajahn Mun, Ajahn Chah and Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Wat Thung Sri Muang and Ubon Ratchathani, Northeast Thailand

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Wat Tham Champa Kantasilawat, mukdahan, Thailand

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Ajahn Chah goes on Thudong and another Dhammapada Reflection

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The Circus comes to Sakon Nakhon, or the Almighty Baht and Thai Buddhism

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Ajahn Mun, Wat Wisutthi Tham, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

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From Tom’s Desk, A Stranger In Paradise

buddha-geezerI have been out of America for most of my adult life and a return at the ripe o;d age off 66 is a bit of a challenge. While the challenges are at times somewhat mental, most of them are more practical.
language and food are the things that are most foreign to me
Also there have been big changes in driving habis in the U.S. that I will discuss at another time.
So I hope you enjoy this edition of From Tom’s Desk