What Gets A Buddhist Monk Expelled, Buddhism Thailand

Often, in Thailand we read about the shenanigans monks get up to. Women, drink, drugs and ownership of things not allowed in the Vinaya. The Vinaya  is the Monks Rules an the law that governs monks conduct and  punishments. In Thailand the Government often usurps responsibility for maintaining conduct of the Bhikkhu Sangha from the Bhikkhu, making up their own rules as far as Buddhism is concerned. Bhikkhus carrying money is common in ThaiLnd, but an ignored offense in Thailand. All in all simply by reading the daily papers in Thailand it is easy to see that the state of Buddhism in Thailand is dire. My opinion is that many of the problems are a result of the Thai Government’s management of Th Bhikkhu Sangha and goings on of Buddhism in the country.
To read the Vinaya can be quite confusing especially to a layman….

Buddhism,”The Beauty of Sila”, Ajahn Jayasāro

JayasaroTo my mind this explains in simple terms what a samana, a monk should be. this is not the complete talk. it can be found online”Forest Path” A collection of talks, essays, and accounts from the community at Wat Pah Nanachat THE BEAUTY OF SĪLA  Ajahn Jayasāro, an edited version of a Dhamma talk given to the Sangha during the 1998 Rains Retreat…

Wat Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok, Udon Thani, Thailand, วัดพระพุทธบาทบัวบก,

bua-bokHistory tells us that the original entity on this site was called Ku Vieng Phu. Or Ku Wiang during the Dvaravati Period. Once again better information from the Khon Kaen University Cultural Center seems to have gone.

A number of quotes online tell us This is where the Buddha’s Holy Footprint was found along side with various Buddha images of Lanchang style that can be dated back to 2025 Buddhist Century.A quick look shows even the non-expert that this is simply another of the Buddhas R Us stores cement footprints.
The site does date back to Dvaravati Period and the site and nearby Park are certainlw worth a visit. The geology of the area is also of interest

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Illuminated Boat Procession,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

ilumnkpBook soon if you are planning on attending this year. Auk Pansaa Falls on 16 October 2016. A llok back to October 2013, The town filled to the bursting point starting early the morning of the 19th. 1,000s of big Bangkok Motorcycles, Mercedes and tour buses. Sunthon Wijit Road filled with pedestrians and unfortunately the road was never closed to vehicles Or if it was, the law as usual, was ignored. By sunset kerosene fumes and smoke filled the riverfront. It was the first time at any event in Isaan since 3G became available that I experience total gridlock. Everyone, nearly was Lining and Facecebooking. About 1930h a bit of bandwidth appeared and I was able to tweet the odd photo, but any idea of twitcasting was just a dream.
Spending most evenings of the week with a number of very helpful government officers provided an addition insight and provided a wealth of information that I will post soon. Enjoy the video for now,,,

On the Road in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, What’s the Law

pogoOr who cares anyhow. The main point of the post is Bike lane law. As far as I know itis against the law to drive on a bike and as well as illegal to park, stop or block a bike lane. Igf that is the case, and if the law would be enforced there would be a bunch of irate Thai business owners. Not only that it will be the cause of even more accidents in one of the most dangerous areas in theworld to be on the road. In generel Thais do not follow the Rules of the Road for a couple reasons, They don’t know or they don’t care. It will be interesting to see what if anything is done to enforce bike lane laws, along the new bike lane routes in Sakon Nakhon and elsewhere.

Mae Chee Kaew, The Life of a Buddhist Nun in Northeast Thailand

kaewBhikkhu Silaratano (Ajahn Dick) is a senior western student of Luangta Maha Boowa . He translated the story from Thai to English
This book not only gives an insight into life in Northeast Thailand through the 1900s but into the history of Khammathana Dhutanga Buddhism during the time it was being formed in Isaan by Ajahns Sao and Mun. Reading about the teaching of Ajahn Sao and Mun and the impact they had on simple villagers in the forests and hills of the area is inspiring. We experience the life of an ordinary,uneducated Phu Thai girl who goes on to realize the ultimate truth and escape suffering in her lifetime. We see her interaction with her teacher Luangta Maha Boowa from the 1950s till her death in 1991.

Isaan Roadtrip, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, June 2016

cremateLooks like I will be commuting between Thailand and the United. States.  for the immediate future,  but Larry and I did manage to get a roadtrip on the calendar. It might have been dubbed the rainy season trip, or the “I don’t  see no dinosaur footprints trip”, whatever the case, we found stuff, did not starve, and never lacked beer, hence another great trip. One thing I did notice is that resorts are still popping up at a pace I  can’t keep up with. You can use Google maps to find what is in the area of interest, but remember this is Isaan and you have at best a 50, 50 chance

Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, Search for the Green Beret Club

I, over the years, have managed to find and or visit a number of the places that were used by American troops during the Viet Nam War years. Larry, of Khon Kaen Retirement and I have visited those sites and many other places of Historical interest on our road trips and hopefully still have more to find.
One of the 1s I’m working on at the moment is the NCO club that was located in Sakon Nakhon back in the day. Hopefully-this video will help jar some memories. I also have some Thai folks trying to recollect, always a dodgy deal.
Check out the video,anyone with any info, let us know.

The Siamese Trail of Ho Chi Minh

HochiminhThe Siamese Trail of Ho Chi Minh is one of those mixed fact and fiction books that set me off.At the end of the day I end up not believing most of what is written.
Yes I am aware of Ho’s time in Siam and have visited a couple of those locations, but when the author talks about being able to see Phu Kieow from That Narai Chang Waeng I know he is either mistaken or fictionalizing.